Why is pronunciation important?

Importance of pronunciation

Pronunciation means a manner of speaking or the way in which a word is pronounced. It is one of the major problems people face when opt to learn a new language. Improper pronunciation may lead to either negative impression or can be considered as ineffective communication.


It is always a better option to learn the language from native speakers as it would help you get the pronunciation right. With the internet being in the picture now, learning has become easier and reachable for many. Time constraint or age constraint is not the reasons anymore for someone willing to learn. Wordsandvideos is a platform which is providing ample amount of language courses for students to learn from. They have teachers who are native speakers and help students learn accents or pronunciation in a better way.

Online courses are better platform

Online courses are gaining more popularity too due to their affordability. Wordsandvideos have courses that are reasonably priced and made in such a way that students can learn a new language easily. One of the best things about this online platform is round the clock classes. As and when one wishes to learn, they can opt for courses and timings accordingly. There are plenty of benefits of learning a new language; one of it is that it helps you stay smart in touristic areas.

Learning a new language opens up tons of career opportunities too. Wordsand videos believe that teaching is a very noble profession which connects different cultures of different societies into one global world. They aim to grow enthusiastically by satisfying the diverse learning needs of their students and candidates from the corporate world. It is one of the world’s trusted language learning company and is the largest independent language learning center of the world.


Role of accents in communication


As per the definition on Wikipedia “The accent is a manner of pronunciation peculiar to a particular individual, location or nation.” Voice, pronunciation, stress, and peculiarity of vowels and consonants usually create a difference in accent.It is important to remember that an accent can completely change the meaning of a word. Accents are an integral part of communication. Learning a new language through native speakers is always an added advantage as they can help you understand or learn the accents too..It is important to remember that an accent can completely change the meaning of a word. Accents are an integral part of communication. Learning a new language through native speakers is always an added advantage as they can help you understand or learn the accents too.

The education system is changing and today many people are opting for online courses. There are several reasons these online platforms of learning a new language are getting popular. They serve the purpose and allow flexible timings too. It is important to research about the online platform well before joining it. A reputed online learning language platform should be your first choice as they offer you the best options available in the market. Wordsandvideos is one such online platform and has a name in the market of learning languages. It is designed in a way which gives the liberty to learn any language at any age, at any time, at any place which suits the lifestyle and at a place backed by internet connection.

Wordsandvideos is a great place to learn and enhance your language skill. They have a user-friendly website and round the clock classes for the students willing to learn. Learning a new language opens up a new horizon of opportunities for you at personal and professional level. It is a brilliant way to establish a deep connection and cross-cultural friendships. As if this was not enough, there are many positive effects too of learning a new language, for example, it helps in memory improvement and helps in attaining longer attention span.



Which Foreign language should you learn?

Tips to help you decide the Foreign language you should learn

Learning a foreign language can certainly add value to your personal and professional life. There are plenty of reasons to pick any specific language. However, it defers from individual to individual. Learning a language online could be a real time saver and bonus for people who are struggling to cover a distance to go for regular classes.


From a job obligation to visiting a new place, the reason could be anything for someone to learn a new language. Online language courses offer you the freedom or flexibility of timing as well. Here is the most important question you should ask before you decide to choose the foreign language:

  • What is your purpose or goal?

The most important thing is to know the reason for which you want to learn a foreign language. If you are looking for better employment opportunities then it is advisable to opt for the most spoken language of that area. There are many online sites which will help you achieve your dream of learning language, however; a thorough research is a must. Learning is a social activity. Learning a new language online is a pocket-friendly option too.

  • A good language learning platform

A good language learning platform should be a complete solution for learning a new language and getting certified. Wordsandvideosis a one stop shop for many who wish to learn a foreign language. It is one of the world’s trusted language learning companies.

They provide round the clock classes. It is a simple, innovative and flexible online language learning platform. They believe that the learning should be an ongoing process and should not be stopped because of issues related to age, time or commuting. They have a user-friendly site and the courses they offer does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Portuguese Native Tutors at One Click

Learning Portuguese opens door to access over 220 million Portuguese native speakers in the world.

 Portuguese Language – Facts

Portuguese is a simple language to learn. For those who know English can learn Portuguese fast, as both have the Latin roots in common. The cognates (words that have the same sound and meanings) are almost close to both the languages.  For E.g. Minutes imaginative results in creatives / Imaginative minds, creative results

 Portuguese Language

Reasons for Learning Portuguese

With the facts given above, we agree that Portuguese is a wonderful language to learn without any second thought. Let me now give you the right reasons to learn it and also will let you know the best source to learn the Portuguese language

  • Apart from being an easy language to learn it is a gateway to understanding Spanish, French and Italian languages.
  • Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the World and the 5th most widespread foreign language on the Web. It is the rapidly growing European language, following English and Spanish.
  • Brazil’s Economy is growing with plenty of opportunities. Portuguese is the national language of Brazil.
  • Need for Portuguese is rising in many industries including research, international trade, and tourism.

Learning Portuguese Language Online

Though there are numerous ways to learn the language, online learning has made tremendous evolution in the last several years. There are several free online courses available, yet Wordsandvideos.com has proved to be the best in offering services covering all the aspects that include writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

Special Features of WAV

  • We provide you with a personal tutor with a well-designed lesson plan to help accomplish your purpose.
  • Our lessons are customized based on your needs.
  • Closely work with you to identify and correct mistakes at once to avoid recurrence.
  • Flexible time and location with a reasonably priced cost.

Learning the Italian language adds a gold star on your CV

  •  The cultural and educational agency for the United Nations has found that majority of the world’s cultural inheritance sites are in Italy.
  • The Italian market is one of the top markets in the globe, and employers from various industries are looking for linguistic people in both Italian and English language.
  • The Italian language was developed from Latin and approximately 60% of the English vocabulary also originated from Latin. Thus by learning Italian, you can enhance your English speaking skills as well.

Upon deciding to learn Italian, then, comes “How to learn?, “What is the cost involved?”

WAV e-learning platform provides the required help to individuals to learn the Italian language online at their ease. We are the largest autonomous language learning center in the world.

Learn Italian Language

Italian language – Our approach

 Basic Learning Course

First, we familiarize you with the Italian alphabets. While Italian alphabets are similar to the English alphabets, the pronunciation is different. Next, we introduce you with the essential phrases to get around in Italy and make a decision regarding moving forward with the learning. Last we commence grammar and vocabulary lessons by online interacting sessions.

Professional Instruction

We insist on completing up Italian homework sincerely as just attending a language class without practicing does not take you anywhere. They are time-consuming, yet extremely important. Our online program allows you to interact with our tutors online to speak and hear the language.

Engross Yourself in the Language

Connecting individuals with native speakers. Communicating with people who are able to speak fluently is the right approach to make you strong in your language skills. WAV offers this unique way which cannot be achieved by reading books or just by signing up theoretical online courses.

Visit WAV and register for free. We provide a virtual classroom for you to learn with the teacher and the time you prefer.

 One Stop Online Language Learning Solution

German language and You

Recent studies state that close to Hundred million people across the globe learn German. When you master the art of speaking this language you are not only moving closer to a range of civilization but also expanding your business potentials across the European, African and American society.

The German language is the happening language on the sites. “.de” extension stands next to “.com” on the web. Knowing German will help you to understand the contents.

Learn German Language


Germany’s yearly involvement to science and research is an additional exciting inspiration. Are you aware of the fact that every year 1/10 books published across the world is written in German? Germany stands 3rd copyright applications internationally. Germans are world best in Engineering.

Wanting to be part of the success? Wordsandvideos.com is there to help your dream come true.

How and Where to learn German?

Do you belong to the group that is looking for learning German quickly, within budget, saving time, interacting with native speakers, achieve a good pronunciation?The solution is simple, yet effective. Join our online language course that provides all service under one umbrella.

Understand the basics of German before you start

  •  In German pronunciation is quite loyal to its writing. Knowing the text means knowing to pronounce correctly.    (Phonetic language)
  • The set of response phrases in German is called conversational connectors. It is very important to know the conversational connectors for conversing effectively which is not there in phrasebooks.
  • German does not have any tones and has no connection between words.
  • Letters are similar to English.
  • German grammar is similar to English. Sometimes logic must be known to use the grammar.
  • Preposition and postposition suffixes are not there.
  • The vocabulary of German is gender specific.
  • There are few actually long words to learn.

We will handhold you with the basic rules to have the right accent with our Professional Native Language Teacher who has more than 2 decades of knowledge in using the idiom.



Virtual teaching jobs setting a popular trend worldwide

The conventional definition of a teacher needs to change in which the teacher was said to be very strict, sitting on the chair, using a blackboard with chalk sticks, punishing students if the homework did not get finished on time. Now, with the up-to-the-minute technologies and virtual assistance through the internet facilities, it is possible to make the teaching profession smarter and better than the old teaching practices. One may doubt on substituting the positions of a physical classroom of a full-time appointed teacher, but we have to enter the zone of rejuvenation which must be a ‘win-win’ situation for both –the teachers and the students.

Virtual teaching jobs

How it works: An easy method to opt for

There are many means of teaching online; however, virtual teaching methods have proved themselves to be the most operative in terms of ease, simplicity, a better understanding of subjects, expediency, and cost of learning and earnings of the teacher. In virtual teaching jobs, the teacher has to impart the topic subjects online to the students who want to learn on a categorical platform which possesses enormous teaching varieties. The enrolled students raise their questions and difficulties and you have to make them easy to comprehend for them.

You need to know

Of course, it is cool to work in this field on condition that you own strong and methodological subject skills. As it is rightly said that ‘to become a teacher, you should first become a student’, you need to have satisfactory knowledge of the particular subject matter or the language which you think you can teach well. Otherwise, it may create an adverse effect on your long term popularity. All you need to do is to make your lectures dynamic, vibrant, more applied and stress-free keeping in mind the fact that the level of the students varies in accordance with their basics. You have to enterprise your own customized lectures in line with the proposed students who are willing to hire your linguistic services.

Get the ball rolling

So, if you believe in teaching skills, and want to make yourself stand apart from a typical crowd, this career is the most seemly quest for your life. Be your own boss, decide your own timings, work in your own interested fields and flourish your future which is unquestionably going to make you more gratified and popular.  Finally, come out with your talent and get paid for what you deliver the best. Be virtual, be online.

Online Language Learning In India

Communication is the key to success and languages help you succeed.Today, online language learning is regarded as a useful teaching method. Teaching and Learning a language through an e-learning platform, helps individuals to learn or teach at their convenience. Language classes are available at universities in India with an academic approach focusing mainly on reading and writing part.

Online Language Learning

At wordsandvideos, learning and teaching are made a delightful experience by providing several learning opportunities. It is such an online language learning source in India that favors practical proficiency built upon a deep understanding of the grammatical structures and rich vocabulary rather than rote memorization of phrases and traditional academic approach.

In India, there are a number of e-learning platforms in the present day. Wordsandvideos is a very effective source of language learning. It is the largest independent language learning center in the world. They believe in caring for students, teachers, all employees and associates working, to get the best output.

Learning is an ongoing process and should not be stopped because of issues like timing, commuting and affordability, and age. Wordsandvideosis designed in such a way that gives a person the freedom to learn any language at any age, at any time, at any place which suits his/her schedule and at a place which has an internet connection. This is how they want to add a new dimension to learning with convenience and affordability.One can get enrolled at wordsandvideos and forget all the hassles of traditional teaching.They also provide liberty to plan study time,  without compromising on the daily lifestyle.

Wordsandvideos offers a simple and flexible languages learning platform where individuals can learn any language at their own comfortable time from anywhere.It is a complete solution for learning a new language and getting certified.

It’s all about providing you with total comfort while learning Individually or in a Group classes.



Online English Training – The Best Way to Learn English

Online language training provides plenty of advantages while providing programs and courses of high quality. So, if you want to become a fluent English speaker, you should study reading, listening and speaking. In proper online English training, you will be provided well-structured lessons to give you practice in all three areas simultaneously. All levels of certificates and degrees are available today. Here are some points to tell you why the best way to learn English is through online training.

Online English Training


One of the most obvious advantages of choosing online English training program is that you can learn the language in your spare time. If you are working or you have kids at home, you need a specific time when you can concentrate on your studies. Also, after the whole day of work or after taking care of your family, it is not possible to drive and attend the evening classes. Online training can be done anytime and from anywhere.

Cost efficient

Online training programs are less charged. The reason is that they do not have to spend thousands per month for the rent or maintenance of a school. Everything is provided online and so, things are managed easily and cost efficiently. Also, you save money that would have been spent on conveyance.

Self-paced learning

There is no doubt some are fast learners while some take more time. It doesn’t matter to what category you belong to, you will find it easy and good to start the learning program, complete the targets at any time, arrange a learning schedule that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Learn whatever you want

You do not have stick to the vast curriculum as happens in the traditional classes. Online learning gives you the opportunity to learn whatever you want without going through many unnecessary sections.

In addition to all, online learning is done in a relaxed manner. Just make sure that you search for the right platform and choose the right course. You can be the master of your own education.

How to Learn Foreign Languages Online

Online learning is no longer distance learning. Anyone who lacks the time or wants to learn during his or her convenient time chooses online language learning centre to learn new languages.

An adaptive approach is used for teaching foreign languages that take into account each student’s interests, learning style, and language learning goals. Wordsandvideos has been intentional in designing a suitable curriculum and developing materials for its classes that will be effective for the widest number of students, the pace, scheduling, and specific topics covered are entirely flexible to meet the individual student’s needs.

Learn foreign language

A special attention is given towards providing a balance by offering a thorough understanding of grammatical concepts, introduction of new vocabulary, and conversation practice aimed at fluency in communication. An online language learning platform is a set of interactive services that provide teachers, students and individuals to enhance the knowledge of a person through interactive media rather than physically going to a place.No software is required to be installed. Once a candidate is enrolled he/she will be provided with a username and password and then he/she will have an access to the online classes.

Learning a new language is possible at any age. One can select his/her own teacher and one’s own convenient timing.

One needs not worry about the money, if one is not satisfied, he/she will get it refunded.

If one wants to practice what is learnt in the previous class, the saved videos can be watched on your own account and revise on the go.

Teach and learn in a virtual learning environment, is also like connecting various cultures from different parts of the world.Wordsandvideos, believes in giving a one on one communication to the students and teachers through our virtual classroom environment. This website intends to help people grow in all spheres of life by satisfying the needs of learning.