Learn Anew Language Through E-Learning

Online learning today has made learning easier for everyone. Corporates are choosing an online platform to teach their employees a new language to make the resources better for the organisation’s success. The education system is welcoming e-learning with open arms as it provides easy access to everyone around the globe without much of a hassle. E-learning is now an integral part of education for students who cannot go to schools directly for some or the other reasons. It is bringing student and teachers together on the same platform and making life easier for both. Learning a new language opens up doors for many career-oriented opportunities.

Online language learning platform

Wordsandvideos.com is one such website which is creating a difference in the e-learning business. It is making learning languages easy for the individuals who are genuinely interested in learning.There are many fruitful reasons for you to join this and few of those are mentioned below:

  • Convenient or flexible timing: Learning should never stop. Through this e-learning process, one can easily grab an opportunity to learn a new language and excel at their professional front. Timings are flexible which makes it easy for teachers and students to incorporate these classes into their daily routine.
  • Courses do not burn a hole in your wallet: If you cannot afford a regular class and have the zeal to learn then e-learning can be the best option for you. Courses are easy to understand and teachers pay their full attention to teach you the right content.
  • Certification and appropriate recognition make it all the more special:Proper certification is done post completion of the course which can be used in order to fetch financial independence post learning a new We all know that companies look for individuals with a better understanding of other languages along with their mother-tongue and they have more chances of better professional prospects.

The market is full of opportunities for professional who are ready to learn and bring an extra factor such as any new language to their job. Through this e-learning process, you save your money and time. There are more than ten thousand teachers and thirty thousand students who are benefitting from this website. Do not wait for your days to change, get up and make your own destiny.


Online Learning or E-Learning is not the next best thing; it is now a big thing. Online Learning helps to bring the ‘Learning to People’ instead of ‘People to Learning’. Today’s new technology has derived that the best way to learn Spanish is Online. ‘Words and Videos’ provides online learning of Spanish.

Spanish language, with over 500 million native speakers, is a highly demanded language. Spanish renowned as ‘español’ or ‘castilian’ is a Romance language which is considered the world’s second-most spoken native language. In this globalised world, Words and Videos, with their qualified teachers, breaks the barrier of communication by teaching Spanish in easy ways.

Learn Spanish Language

How is Online the best way to learn Spanish?

Today’s world is a busy world. Anyone who lacks the time or wants to learn at his/her own convenient time chooses online learning centre to learn new languages. Words and Videos, with online learning, the affordable expense has made learning available at your homes at your scheduled time.

One of the major factors associated with learning is Learning Expense. With this new method of learning, one can learn Spanish at For affordable expense.

Online learning is an innovative and easy way to learn. With us, you can opt for personalised classes or group classes, as per your convenience. It is the best virtual classroom which connects students and teachers with all the comforts.

The round the clock availability of sessions adds to the advantage of Learning Spanish at Words and Videos. The students can check out the recorded sessions on our website, in a case of any problem faced during revision.

Apart from being a low-cost, effective and flexible learning platform, Words and Videos also certifies its students by providing them with the Certificate of the level passed to attain success in the future.

Learning Spanish is made easy and fun with Online Learning. It allows you to learn the language with perfection. Benjamin Franklin has rightly said, Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.Our competent teachers not only teach but also involve the students in making learning easy. With new methods and ways of teaching, our qualified teachers teach how to Speak, Write and Read in the Spanish language. Words and Videos give you the liberty to learn irrespective of the issues related to age, timing, commuting and affordability handicaps but a place backed by internet connection.

The Importance of the Japanese language?

  • Japan has the second largest economy in the world.
  • Knowing Japanese brings a lot of job and business opportunities.
  • Japanese could be a gateway to learning different Asian languages & cultures
  • Japanese-speakers are the Internet’s third largest language group.

Tips to learn the Japanese language

Learn a language as a social and interactive exercise. Do not confine yourself to reading and writing, and do not bank too heavily on recordings. You may eventually have to get alongside a group of individuals and begin speaking in Japanese.

Maintain the right stroke order for your kanji, hiragana, and katakana. This helps you to remember them better and provides you good handwriting besides.Never break the bank on a new textbook unless a category forces you to, there are lots of used copies of the primary volume of Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese floating around within the cosmos. Get one among those, it is a sensible textbook.Sentence structure is extremely fluid in Japanese, therefore pay very close attention to which particles appear and wherever.Do not get discouraged because you are learning kanji slowly. It took years to learn all the kanji they used to even the native speakers who lived in Japan from birth to death, therefore you cannot fairly expect to be any quicker.

Japanese language

Sentence structure is extremely fluid in Japanese, therefore pay very close attention to which particles appear and wherever.Do not get discouraged because you are learning kanji slowly. It took years to learn all the kanji they used to even the native speakers who lived in Japan from birth to death, therefore you cannot fairly expect to be any quicker.

Sentence structure is extremely fluid in Japanese, therefore pay very close attention to which particles appear and wherever.Do not get discouraged because you are learning kanji slowly. It took years to learn all the kanji they used to even the native speakers who lived in Japan from birth to death, therefore you cannot fairly expect to be any quicker.

Basic steps to follow to learn Japanese online

Memorise the hiragana and katakana.

Learn how to indicate that a consonant or vowel is to be held longer in writing.

Learn basic vocabulary (directions, colours, days, numbers, etc.) and study the honorifics system.

Learn about particles.

Learn about conjugation of “ru” and “u” verbs.

Start creating basic sentences.

Start learning kanji for the fundamental vocabulary you studied in step 3

Start learning additional complicated grammar and conjugation (such as the “te” form), continue building your vocabulary.While these are basic steps to learn Japanese, they are difficult for an individual without personal help. At this point I recommend you to join a class.

Best Way to Learn Japanese Online is to visit WAV and register, It’s free! Choose language Japanese course as an individual or in a group based on your need. Choose your local time and learn anytime from anywhere. Make the payment and get started.

Why WAV to learn Japanese

WAV provides Student-centric language learning platform, you can learn language from native people, participate in group discussions with people from all over the world, you can choose the best teacher from our team and still if you are not convinced we will help you find a teacher to match your needs. Last but the most important is, if nothing impresses you, get the refund of the balance amount.

Learn Russian Language Online – With Native Teacher

Why spending so much time in futile things like playing games on android, looking at new products on online shopping sites, when you can learn something online? As the world is becoming smaller and you need to expand your horizon of the cultural and social circle. Language plays an important role in breaking the cultural and linguistic barriers.Learn Russian Language Online

Russian-The language

Russian is the most widely spoken of the Slavic languages, which is the predominant language group in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. About 280 million people speak Russian worldwide, of which 120 million speak it as their second language. The Russian language is not anything easy. Learning Russian can be a challenge as a little cross-over between English and Russian exists in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.Learning Russian commences with learning the Cyrillic alphabets which use very different characters than the Latin alphabet. Once you are familiar with the alphabets and have learned how to them, you are ready to begin reading and speaking the language yourself. Just that you need to have a genuine love for learning it; learning Russian will not remain that tough!

Learning Russian With ‘Words and Videos’

Best Way to Learn French Language Online – With Native Teacher

Worldwide, French is the second most widely spoken language after English. Ever since time immemorial, French is considered to be the most practical language.


Importance of French Language

French is a major language of international communication. The language dominates the linguistics of people covering five continents with over 220 million people speaking this language. Besides English, French is the only other language, which is taught in every country in the world.The ability to speak both French and English is an advantage in getting a job with the many multinational companies where French is the working language. Be it retailing, automotive, luxury goods or aeronautics-command over the French language will be beneficial!

Learning FrenchWith ‘Words and Videos’

So what if French is not known to you? Words and videos we help you get acquainted with the language. We, at WAV, are giving you an opportunity to learn it from experts.  We aim to make the online learning of a language easy. Bringing the classroom to your home, we want you to nurture your enthusiasm and inculcate the habit of online learning with our available resources. Our faculty consists of eminent teachers will help you gain mastery over this language in a short span of time.

Benefits of Learning in a Virtual Classroom

Teaching and learning process is a fast changing process.Today, every day with the technological advancements in the world, doors of learning have been opened wide. Learners today have a different level of competence and motivation levels at all learning platforms.

There are a number of commercial Virtual Learning Software packages available, including Blackboard, Web-CT, Lotus Learning Space, and COSE.Virtual Learning platform

The wordsandvideos.com is an eLearning platform of teaching and learning languages.At Words and Videos, learning and teaching are made a delightful experience by providing several learning opportunities and building a stronger community. Every person or business is growing, communicating with different people every day. Here at wordsandvideos.com, you will get an opportunity to learn and teach various languages from the comfort of your home.

Such a method is quite beneficial and flexible and offers incomparable convenience. One can easily access a virtual classroom from home, office, or any other place which has an internet connection. The learning material will straighten onesie’s screen. Moreover, virtual classrooms help to bring experienced faculty from all over the world. It does not require to fall behind or spend extra time catching up if a class has been missed.All sessions in virtual classrooms are recorded. One can go through the entire session at any time.

There is also an empathetic ‘NO’ to the weakening of learner and instructors interaction level.Virtual classrooms offer audio, video and text interaction. In fact, our students prefer text interaction when the lectures are going on. The teacher addresses all the comments/questions when he/she takes a pause. This works better than a traditional classroom where the students have to either interrupt the teacher’s train of thought or remember to ask the question when the teacher pauses.

While the virtual classroom is a great learning tool but suffers a few demerits. Fast internet connection is needed to have a smooth experience.

Virtual Classroom Environment is one of the effective and efficient tools of teaching technique. They also help bring down the costs significantly, while at the same time, provide a vastly superior reach both in terms of learners and instructors that can access it.


Benefits of Business Language Training

Business language skills are vital in this modern era of globalisation.  Employees with a strong hold in business language have more chances for career advancement. The efficiency of an employee is calculated solely on the basis of his business language skill. If an employee is able to communicate the business strategies in a clear and precise manner, his chances for career betterment are likely to be high. Professional confidence is a matter of language skill. Poor communication results in professional failure. Inadequate business language skills can cause a negative impact on sales, profitability and efficiency. Business language competency opens the door for better communication with your peers, subordinates, supervisors, and clients easily and clearly. This eventually helps you in becoming the master at your workplace.

 Business Language Courses Online

Improving the vocabulary is a major task in the acquisition of business language skill. Each sector has got a long list of specialised words. Acquaintance with these words is a necessity. Business terminology can vary from field to field. New terms are emerging on daily basis in the business sector. It is important to have proper knowledge of all these terms, their appropriate usage and relevance. A good business man must be eager to be in tune with the new trends in his field. He must spend his resources for sharpening his business language skills.

An e learning platform is a set of interactive services that provide teachers, students and individuals to enhance the knowledge of a person through interactive media rather than physically going to a place. Teaching and Learning a language through an e learning platform, helps many individuals to learn or teach at their convenience. At Words and Videos, we make learning and teaching a delightful experience by providing several learning opportunities and building a stronger community.

Every person or business is growing and moving out of their own regions, in such a scenario we need to constantly learn and improve our communication skills. Communicating with people of different languages is becoming a day to day routine. Words and Videos, is giving you an opportunity to learn and teach various languages from the comfort of your home.Teach and Learn through an e learning platform


Languages use patterns of sound and gestures for symbols which enable communication with others around them. Everyone requires an extra income, come get yours. Create your own course with various spoken, written languages that you know.

Online learning is no longer distance learning. Anyone who lacks the time or wants to learn during his or her convenient time chooses online language learning centre to learn new languages. Many people have the opinion that online learning needs more motivation and commitment, yet the increasing number of online enrolment tells a different story. Here are some reasons why more and more students prefer online language learning than attending traditional classes.Advantage of  learn language online

       1.Fully integrated approach

Online language learning center allows language learners and highly qualified language teachers to meet online and discuss as well as practice the target language. The specifically designed characteristics keep the training interesting as well as efficient and effective. They also have access to online dictionaries and grammar books.

  1. Flexible virtual classroom lessons

Different courses are offered which can be accessed anytime the student wants. From general language courses to standard courses with progression and customized courses to one-to-one or group classes, you can choose anything and learn anytime as well as from anywhere you want.

With international markets opening to all, more and more corporates are expanding their branches and businesses globally. This requires employees to have a certain level of proficiency in one or more foreign languages. It doesn’t matter if the company wants to partner with an international company, to train their employees in different languages open an office in another country or just wants to reach out to new customers, the employees need to communicate with more than one language. This has become the strategy of successful growth of business nowadays.

In today’s hectic lifestyle sparing employees to attend classes or training sessions is an additional burden on training their employees in different languages. Many companies even offer a promotion to people who are proficient with specific language skills. The companies which have employees speaking and communicating in multiple languages have improved in-house communications, efficiency and output.