An e learning platform is a set of interactive services that provide teachers, students and individuals to enhance the knowledge of a person through interactive media rather than physically going to a place. Teaching and Learning a language through an e learning platform, helps many individuals to learn or teach at their convenience. At Words and Videos, we make learning and teaching a delightful experience by providing several learning opportunities and building a stronger community.

Every person or business is growing and moving out of their own regions, in such a scenario we need to constantly learn and improve our communication skills. Communicating with people of different languages is becoming a day to day routine. Words and Videos, is giving you an opportunity to learn and teach various languages from the comfort of your home.Teach and Learn through an e learning platform


Languages use patterns of sound and gestures for symbols which enable communication with others around them. Everyone requires an extra income, come get yours. Create your own course with various spoken, written languages that you know.