Learn Russian Language Online – With Native Teacher

Why spending so much time in futile things like playing games on android, looking at new products on online shopping sites, when you can learn something online? As the world is becoming smaller and you need to expand your horizon of the cultural and social circle. Language plays an important role in breaking the cultural and linguistic barriers.Learn Russian Language Online

Russian-The language

Russian is the most widely spoken of the Slavic languages, which is the predominant language group in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. About 280 million people speak Russian worldwide, of which 120 million speak it as their second language. The Russian language is not anything easy. Learning Russian can be a challenge as a little cross-over between English and Russian exists in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.Learning Russian commences with learning the Cyrillic alphabets which use very different characters than the Latin alphabet. Once you are familiar with the alphabets and have learned how to them, you are ready to begin reading and speaking the language yourself. Just that you need to have a genuine love for learning it; learning Russian will not remain that tough!

Learning Russian With ‘Words and Videos’