Chat Room - Best Language Learning and Practising Platform

Practice makes a man perfect! The very well-known saying and also very true!

We understand that you have the thirst to learn and want to master an additional language, but cannot master the language as you have no place to practice.

We at Words and Videos recognize this need, and now we have added a new feature, ChatRoomwhich is a solution to practicing needs.

Yes, all you need to register FREE to join theLanguageChat Room of your interest. That’s all, and your search for mastering the language ends here.

Origin of Chat Room
With the invention of computers, online chatting became popular. And today with Smartphones, in every hand online communication anytime across the world has become so convenient. Thus learning via these chat rooms are not only helpful for your practice sessions but also a fun-filled activity.

Sending a message but without any cost!
Sounds great? Yes, it is.

The best feature to highlight with WordandvideosChat Room is their simple setting that allows users to chat quickly.

Benefits Of Chatting Online
To learn a language in our Chat Room, it does not demand you to be physically present in front of the computer. You can post in the chat room when you will be available and request for fellow members to meet you at that time to chat or you could simply see who is available as per your time and join them at that time.

An added advantage of Chat Room is that it allows you to learn or practice your language even when you are on the move and have global reach. You can learn and practice with like-minded partners from across the world.

It allows improving your writing ability, reading, and vocabulary.

Some Tips to Enhance Your Learning Skills through our Chat Room
First, you should post a message in the chat room what time you will be available in the chatroom and what you desire to do is it to learn or practice. You can also check for messages that are posted by other users and join them at the time mentioned if it suits you.
Secondly, identify the right partner or a group of persons. Have an understanding of what you want to learn and exchange details about your native language and your objective. Take time for a brief introduction.
You can also invite your friends or colleagues studying with you in the language class here and ask them to register and participate with you in the chat room.
Enable your keyboard for the language you want to learn; you can download the same from the internet using this link. It helps you write in the same language, so this way you can practice your writing in that language script.

Steps to Use WAV Chat Room
Yes, now you understand the need for a Chat Room and its benefits.

  • Come forward and click here
  • Sign up for FREE and start posting in the Chat Room
  • Remember, without Registration (free); you will not be able to post anything
  • Now search for a partner who has same language interest as yours
  • Once you reach this step, all will happen on its own as it is as simple as a cake walk

WAV invites all its teachers to also participate in the chat room.

You can use this platform to find new students by helping them in learning and practicing the language.
First Register or login if you are already registered.
Then leave a message when you will be available in the chat room also mentioning your time zone.
You should be available at that time in the chat room for interacting with the interested persons.

Happy Chatting!

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