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Hi Members,

Did you ever think of writing and expressing your thoughts, but could not find the courage or right place to indulge in your passion of writing?

Your wait is over with WAV adding this new feature for you, where you can Blog to your heart’s content without feeling shy or hesitant. You can choose any subject relating to language industry and write articles expressing your thoughts and views.

  • You can narrate actual incidents or write fictional articles which will lead to new learning experiences.
  • You can post real life incidents and experiences, good or bad happened with you or with your friends and family relating to education.
  • You can blog about a situation and how you handled it.
  • Simply you can blog of an issue and ask for an advice on how to resolve that problem – You will be surprised to get loads of advises, different views and suggestions from different parts of the world as comments to your blog.
  • You could be the motivation through your blog to many who do not know where and with whom to share their problems or doubts and this will make you feel so proud to be able to help others.

Blogging could be as complicated as rocket science for some, but not for the one who are made for it. It has been established that only 1 out of every 10 dynamic writers, reach the correct audience rest are held back due to not getting the correct platform.

 Blow away the barriers with Words and Videos and let your words reach, where they are supposed to reach. Words and Videos feel proud in offering this new platform to its members.

Words and Videos present its blog feature to its users for their convenience and a wonderful time reading and writing.

Words and Videos is used by many readers, writer and content enthusiast including student, teachers and known educationists. The company provides many language learning services to its members. Based on the overwhelming response from the users of our website, we have launched 3 new features for its users:

  • Blog post
  • Chat room
  • Forum

Words and videos is a platform for millions of readers, writer and content enthusiast under the same roof. Blogging is not only subjected to express the passionate skills of writing but could also be a platform to provide social awareness messages.

The website offers to blog to all the passionate writers, for either personal or for a non profitable organizational purpose. The website invites all persons to register and post the blogs of their choice.


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