Learning the Italian language adds a gold star on your CV

  •  The cultural and educational agency for the United Nations has found that majority of the world’s cultural inheritance sites are in Italy.
  • The Italian market is one of the top markets in the globe, and employers from various industries are looking for linguistic people in both Italian and English language.
  • The Italian language was developed from Latin and approximately 60% of the English vocabulary also originated from Latin. Thus by learning Italian, you can enhance your English speaking skills as well.

Upon deciding to learn Italian, then, comes “How to learn?, “What is the cost involved?”

WAV e-learning platform provides the required help to individuals to learn the Italian language online at their ease. We are the largest autonomous language learning center in the world.

Learn Italian Language

Italian language – Our approach

 Basic Learning Course

First, we familiarize you with the Italian alphabets. While Italian alphabets are similar to the English alphabets, the pronunciation is different. Next, we introduce you with the essential phrases to get around in Italy and make a decision regarding moving forward with the learning. Last we commence grammar and vocabulary lessons by online interacting sessions.

Professional Instruction

We insist on completing up Italian homework sincerely as just attending a language class without practicing does not take you anywhere. They are time-consuming, yet extremely important. Our online program allows you to interact with our tutors online to speak and hear the language.

Engross Yourself in the Language

Connecting individuals with native speakers. Communicating with people who are able to speak fluently is the right approach to make you strong in your language skills. WAV offers this unique way which cannot be achieved by reading books or just by signing up theoretical online courses.

Visit WAV and register for free. We provide a virtual classroom for you to learn with the teacher and the time you prefer.

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