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Why spending so much time in futile things like playing games on android, looking at new products on online shopping sites, when you can learn something online? As the world is becoming smaller and you need to expand your horizon of the cultural and social circle. Language plays an important role in breaking the cultural and linguistic barriers.Learn Russian Language Online

Russian-The language

Russian is the most widely spoken of the Slavic languages, which is the predominant language group in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. About 280 million people speak Russian worldwide, of which 120 million speak it as their second language. The Russian language is not anything easy. Learning Russian can be a challenge as a little cross-over between English and Russian exists in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.Learning Russian commences with learning the Cyrillic alphabets which use very different characters than the Latin alphabet. Once you are familiar with the alphabets and have learned how to them, you are ready to begin reading and speaking the language yourself. Just that you need to have a genuine love for learning it; learning Russian will not remain that tough!

Learning Russian With ‘Words and Videos’

So what if you don’t know Russian? Words and videos are giving you an opportunity to learn it from experts.  We are doing every possible bit to make you popularize the habit of online learning and motivating enthusiastic learners with our available resources. Our faculty consists of eminent teachers around the globe, which includes highly experienced hands.

Language training demands a lot of expertise and hard work. Especially if it is a foreign language, you need to be a bit comfortable with your mentors. It is not a mere translation of words but understanding the grammar, sentence framing, and selection of words and the expression of thoughts -all in coordination with each other. With regular efforts of our team, one can gain mastery over the Russian language. Our online programs can successfully guide you all along in acquiring command over the language. The learner will be able to follow the right accent from his mentor. As the native teacher teaches with his/her firsthand mastery over the language, it builds confidence in the learner.

Benefits for Learning At WAV

  • Learning language from native people give you lot more than expected
  • Choose the best teacher from our team
  • Participate in group discussions with people from all over the world

In case you want to switch the teacher or find another one, we will help you. Get the refund of the balance amount, if you do not find things satisfactory.

Enjoy learning Russian with words and videos. Get registered for free!Choose your local time and learn anytime from anywhere.

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