WAV Introduce New Feature "Forum"

A Forum which is popularly known as a discussion board has become very popular, it allows a group of people with common interest to share their views online.

The Forum is an online tool used in Education field to connect students and teachers, to share their views on a topic created for discussion by fellow members.

Here at WAV, the forum is a tool that allows the members to discuss and share their views on a particular topic. These topics may be created by admin or by any member user of the site.

Anyone can share their view on any topic posted on the forum.

You can create a new thread of discussion on various topics.

You can also turn on the notification feature on a particular discussion thread. This would assist you to get notified of every new post on your thread and thus you would not miss any update on your thread.

This would help you share, learn and exchange new ideas and thoughts which may be implemented by you in your future situations.

Click on http://wordsandvideos.com/forum/ and sign up to enjoy all the benefits

Benefits of A Forum 

  • Get global
  • Connected to the larger community
  • Can get different viewpoints
  • You may ask any of your doubts
  • Gain knowledge
  • You can quickly start a new discussion
  • You can become a part of any discussion
  • You can use for reference at any time
  • Learn and share
  • Get all industry updates
  • You may be a silent learner and learn without participating in the discussion
  • More informed decisions can be taken after a discussion
  • Healthy group discussions
  • Handy – use in laptop or Mobiles or tablets
  • As a language learner, you can learn, gain knowledge about what new techniques people are using to learn a language more efficiently. You can know different views and post your opinions and suggestions on a topic posted by others, your opinion will then be read by likeminded persons across the world, and you will get more views which could change your perspective of looking at that particular issue.
  • Forum can be a platform where you can create a topic on some doubts you have in your mind and personal responses will make you feel good about getting clarity with your specific doubts. Anyone can freely communicate about these topics to clear their doubts, apprehensions and can have more clarity to help make
  • Forums let you think critically. The Open-ended forum helps you to post your thoughts and concepts. You can also refer to the comments posted by others to take up more challenge. It helps you to throw open a problem in the world and get the best possible advice and solution which may not be possible if you discussed it with a closed group.
  • Flexibility in interaction can happen with discussion boards. One need not stay online always. Can feel free to read and post comments on their own.
  • Time constraint usually not seen in forums.
  • No fear or threat of wrong answers, as each person is sharing what they feel and there cannot be anything as wrong or right in what you think from your perspective but one can learn and understand its thought process in many different situations. One can take the time to refer and come back to post and no pressure in working on the language immediately.
  • Can post and reply to various discussions on the forum on the go by logging into the website from your smart phones or tabs.

WAV Forum Features

Words and Videos have designed an excellent discussion board with features highlighted as below that helps language learning community to learn more about the language industry.

  • Words and Videos publish the first post on the various new topic to start a meaningful conversation among its members.
  • WAV makes sure to access the discussion forums every day and keep the conversation active and add new information or views it receives from different channels. This will help the members to be updated about the new events ongoing in the language industry.

Properly managed wordsandvideos.com forum aids to improve the language speaking skill of all the learners.
Don’t Wait! Take advantage of this new FORUM to Learn, teach and share your thoughts and information with the global fraternity of members.