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Learning Portuguese opens door to access over 220 million Portuguese native speakers in the world.

 Portuguese Language – Facts

Portuguese is a simple language to learn. For those who know English can learn Portuguese fast, as both have the Latin roots in common. The cognates (words that have the same sound and meanings) are almost close to both the languages.  For E.g. Minutes imaginative results in creatives / Imaginative minds, creative results

 Portuguese Language

Reasons for Learning Portuguese

With the facts given above, we agree that Portuguese is a wonderful language to learn without any second thought. Let me now give you the right reasons to learn it and also will let you know the best source to learn the Portuguese language

  • Apart from being an easy language to learn it is a gateway to understanding Spanish, French and Italian languages.
  • Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the World and the 5th most widespread foreign language on the Web. It is the rapidly growing European language, following English and Spanish.
  • Brazil’s Economy is growing with plenty of opportunities. Portuguese is the national language of Brazil.
  • Need for Portuguese is rising in many industries including research, international trade, and tourism.

Learning Portuguese Language Online

Though there are numerous ways to learn the language, online learning has made tremendous evolution in the last several years. There are several free online courses available, yet Wordsandvideos.com has proved to be the best in offering services covering all the aspects that include writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

Special Features of WAV

  • We provide you with a personal tutor with a well-designed lesson plan to help accomplish your purpose.
  • Our lessons are customized based on your needs.
  • Closely work with you to identify and correct mistakes at once to avoid recurrence.
  • Flexible time and location with a reasonably priced cost.
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