About Us

Learning languages to connect with the World

Frank Smith quoted “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”

Build the life you dreamed of through online learning

Welcome to the world’s trusted language learning company, Words and Videos. We are the largest independent language learning center of the world. At WAV, we believe in caring for our students, teachers, all employees and associates working with us. We work like a family and always work towards delivering the best output.

We believe that learning should be an ongoing process and shouldn’t be stopped because of issues related to age, timing, commuting and affordability handicaps. WAV is designed in a way which gives the liberty to learn any language at any age, at any time, at any place which suits the lifestyle and at a place backed by internet connection. This is how we want to add a new dimension to learning with ease, comfort and affordability.

We also believe that teaching is a very noble profession which connects different cultures of different societies into one global world. All our faculty members have wonderful teaching experiences with us.

WAV is a great place to learn and teach. We aim to grow enthusiastically by satisfying the diverse learning needs of our students and candidates from corporate world. We make the learning available through virtual classroom so that the student gets the feel of a classroom as well as attention of one to one teacher.

This website is a learning delight and we hope you will have a wonderful experience learning and teaching here.

WAV Vision


Our vision is to make the wisdom and expertise of all the teachers in the world to be available for everyone anytime and from anywhere. We are also looking for good people to do great things. We love our work and every member of our team shares our passion for endowing teachers and supporting learners. We move fast and with precision. Our dreams are big and our strong desire to make them reality, encourages and inspires us to do our best every day.

Education is changing and so are we. Our vision makes us motivate every person in the world to learn and share talents. Nothing should stop one to do so. Words and Videos is the largest online language learning virtual classroom in the world. We create several learning opportunities to provide people of all ages to build stronger communities.

WAV Mission

We believe that learning is a social activity. Our mission is to provide a platform where anyone can share and learn because we accept the truth that everyone is expert in something and sharing knowledge and talent helps it to get improved.  Connecting is the best way to learn and share. So, we provide a platform of learning which is open to all the experts, teachers who wish to share their knowledge and expertise.

We understand that language and culture go hand in hand and so, our mission is to have as many of native teachers as possible. We appreciate and encourage the talented people from all over the world to join us and teach the language they are well-versed in, online. We also engage students and teachers in activities which support and encourages learning.


Our Business Model

WAV’s business model revolves around 'What', 'Where' and 'How' you learn.


1. What to learn?
2. How you learn?
3. Where you learn?


  • 24X7 online classrooms
  • Extensive list of all world language courses offered
  • Professional native teachers
  • Choose timing which suits your lifestyle
  • Get a certificate for the course done
  • Choose your level of courses.

WAV is an innovative, simple and flexible online languages learning platform designed specifically to connect teachers and students in a virtual classroom environment.

A complete solution for learning new language and getting certified. We created a platform to overcome the limits of traditional language learning centres.

Why waste money and time on sending employees to distant places to learn new language or hire a professional to teach them? WAV offers you simple and flexible languages learning platform where your employees can learn any language at their own comfortable time from anywhere.